Victor and Air BP launch carbon offset for jet charters

+VIDEO Private jet charter marketplace Victor, working with Air BP and BP Target Neutral, has officially opened its carbon offset programme to operators and customers following a trial phase late last year.

Over half of Victor and Air BP’s 20 biggest operator customers have already signed up to the initiative. The volume of charters booked through Victor’s platform by operators signed up to the carbon offset programme has grown an additional 46% this year (year-on-year) versus standard operator bookings.

Among the early adopters is Austria’s GlobeAir, the world’s largest Cessna Citation Mustang operator.

According to CORSIA, the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s global scheme for carbon offsetting and reduction, aircraft operators will need to purchase offsets for their growth in CO2 emissions above 2020 levels. That scheme launches with a voluntary period, 2021-2026, after which it becomes mandatory.

Various industry bodies within business and general aviation have acknowledged specific ICAO targets to try and achieve carbon neutral growth by 2020, make 2% improvements in fuel efficiency (on average per year) between now and 2020, and ensure a 50% cut in total emissions by 2050, relative to 2015.

By launching their carbon offset programme now, Victor and Air BP will ensure that a significant number of industry stakeholders are well positioned, and supported, to proactively help meet these crucial environmental targets. In turn, Victor’s ambition is to use carbon neutral fuel for 100% of flights by 2020.

Having carbon emissions offset is conditional on participating operators using Air BP fuel for Victor bookings, wherever feasible. Eligible flights are transparently flagged on Victor’s digital marketplace and flyers will have a record of carbon credits added to a digital flight log that customers can access on a quarterly basis.

These credits – at no extra cost to Victor customers – guarantee that carbon emissions for the fuel used on eligible flights are offset through investment in eight global BP Target Neutral carbon reduction projects around the world.

BP Target Neutral’s global portfolio includes a variety of offset projects ranging from the installation of hydropower plants in rural China to biogas initiatives in Karnataka, India.

Mike Ryan, co-founder & head of supply at Victor, said, “This programme, in collaboration with Air BP and BP Target Neutral, offers an instant opportunity for operators to advance their carbon reduction plans ahead of several crucial industry deadlines, whilst further validating the role of private aviation to the customer as a driver for global economic, social and cultural development. This is an important stepping stone in the journey towards a truly low carbon future.”

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