The Italian Piaggio Avanti Evo twin-engine turboprop has received European type certificate through EASA. It’s the third version of the original P.180 with a significant number of upgrades to boost efficiency, reduce operating costs and provide more comfort for passengers.

US certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is expected within the next few weeks as well as the Indian Certification – the first two Avanti Evo aircraft will be delivered to Indian customers.

Piaggio Avanti Evo
Avanti Evo retains its legendary fine handling. Great view of its unusual shape. [Photos: David Spurdens/Piaggio Aerospace]
Carlo Logli, Chief Executive Officer of  Piaggio Aerospace said, “EASA certification for our Avanti EVO marks a red letter day and demonstrates Piaggio Aerospace commitment to business aviation. The Avanti, which already is an icon for safe, efficiency, and comfortable travel has evolved with improved performance, comfort, reduced emissions and has extended its range.”

Among its nose-to-tail improvements, the new Avanti EVO features:

  • Lower noise: the PT6-66B turbines are fitted with patented exhaust stacks and Hartzell low rpm counter-rotating 5-blades scimitar propellers to reduce noise at takeoff by 50% and fly over by 68%
  • Main wing winglets coupled with new front wing wingtips to improve aerodynamics and strengthen cruise and climb performance. Max cruise range is extended to 1770nm (+3%) and Time to Climb to Flight Level (FL) 350 (35,000ft) is faster by 10%
  • The more efficient wing combination increases the service ceiling to FL410, equal to the certified ceiling. There’s also an improvement in low speed performance, reducing landing distance by 5% (3300ft) and takeoff distance by 2% (3190ft)
  • 20% lower cabin noise thanks to the low noise powerplant
  • Digitally controlled two-zone environmental control system for maximum comfort and passenger control
  • New Italian seating experience with VIP seats developed by design specialists Iacobucci HF and finished with top class leather by luxury outfitters Poltrona Frau.

Piaggio Avanti Evo

The Avanti EVO design will shortly include anti-skid braking, new low-maintenance landing gear, new digital steering, to both improve performance, reliability and cut maintenance requirements.

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