Euramec has announced a new line of flight simulators for business aircraft and plans to further explore technologies to help operators reduce initial and recurrent training costs.

“Training optimisation is a major focus for all operators,” said Bert Buyle, CEO Euramec.

“Recurrent training costs take up a large portion of the budget for business jet operators, due to limited availabilities of (full) flight simulators. Upcoming changes in EASA regulations allow the use of fixed base training devices for certain recurrent training programmes. Our devices will dramatically reduce the cost of this training.”

Euramec also plans to build procedure trainers to train business aircraft mechanics.

“Aircraft mechanics are currently sent around the world to learn particular tasks, for example, engine start-up/shutdown, and these training costs can be significant,” said Buyle.

“There is absolutely no need to make use of full flight simulators for this, a fixed base procedure trainer is adequate for this type of training.”

Euramec’s Business Aviation FTD platforms include a range of EASA certified Flight Training Devices (FTD) that significantly reduce training and operating costs for Business Aviation operators when compared against Full-Flight Simulators (FFS).
Initially the company will offer flight training devices for business jets such as the Cessna Citation as well as the Beechcraft King Air turboprop.

Euramec is based in Belgium with sales offices in Europe, Shanghai, Harbin, Hong Kong and Singapore.