Embraer has at last had its all-new, high-tech Legacy 500 business jet certified. The Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil – ANAC) granted type certification for the Legacy 500 executive jet during a ceremony yesterday at the Latin American Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (LABACE), in São Paulo, Brazil.

Embraer expects to receive certification from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in the upcoming weeks and certification by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) thereafter.

Embraer Legacy 500
Embraer bosses crack open the champagne for their new private jet, the Legacy 500.

“We are thrilled with the achievement of the Legacy 500 certification, a revolutionary jet that delivers true innovation to our customers,” said Frederico Fleury Curado, Embraer President and CEO.

The Legacy 500 flight test program comprised four prototype aircraft which completed over 1,800 flight hours. Over 20,000 hours of tests were conducted in laboratories with rigs for aircraft avionics, electrical, hydraulic, and environmental systems.

Production of the Legacy 500 has already begun and the first delivery is scheduled for September. Up to six aircraft will be produced in 2014, and production of the Legacy 500 will increase throughout 2015.

“We are very pleased to confirm that all Legacy 500 design goals have been achieved or exceeded” said Marco Túlio Pellegrini, President and CEO, Embraer Executive Jets. “This aircraft is a game changer! With greater range and better field performance than originally planned, the Legacy 500 sets a new standard for the midsize class.”

Embraer Legacy 500
Range 3,125nm / 5,788km
Takeoff distance 4,084ft/ 1,245m
Unfactored landing distance 2,122ft/ 647m
Block fuel for 600nm @ M0.80 2,540lb/ 1,152kg
Max operating altitude 45,000ft/ 13,716m
Time to climb to 43,000ft 22 min
Max operating speed (MMO) Mach 0.83
High speed cruise 466kt/ 863km/h
Max payload 2,800lb/ 1,270kg

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