Diamond Airborne Sensing, a subsidiary of Diamond Aircraft, and its local partner Elegance Group handed over the first DA42 MPP GeoSTAR to Delmon Aviation, a South African based company specialized in providing airborne laser scanning services all over Africa.

The aircraft is equipped with the latest Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, fully integrated autopilot system (GFC700), the in-house designed on-top exhaust system (reducing the noise level by 21 decibel) and the AE300 turbocharged diesel engines using Jet-A1 and therefore allowing greater deployment flexibility.

Diamond’s DA42 MPP GeoSTAR carries a Leica laser scanner which is used for all kind of infrastructure planning missions.

“We are pleased to have received our new Diamond DA42 MPP here in South Africa,” said Bob Neill, Managing Director Delmon Aviation.

“Our business has changed since we purchased our first Diamond DA42 MPP last year. Operating the Diamond DA42 MPP planes provides our business with extremely low operating cost, JET-A1 fuel burn and long endurance of up to 8 hours. This benefits our clients as it reduces project costs and turnaround times whilst providing added safety on the project’”

Markus Fischer, Sales Director Diamond Airborne Sensing, said, “The delivery of the first Diamond Aircraft GeoSTAR to South Africa shows the importance of geodesy and laser-scanning in fast growing countries. It will be possible to realise a 3-dimensional database without creating any noise pollution to the residents. We will support our customer as well as our partner to guarantee the best benefit out of this product.”

Diamond Sensing
Elegance Aviation