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Euramec flight simulator

Euramec announces low cost business aviation flight simulators

Euramec has announced a new line of flight simulators for business aircraft and plans to further explore technologies to help operators reduce initial and...
MPL pilot licence

MPL – the fastest way to the modern airline cockpit?

Lithuania-based BAA Training has recently developed and launched a new Multi-Pilot Licence (MPL) training course and claims it is the fastest way to go...
Alsim AL42 FTD

Spain’s One Air acquires Alsim AL42 sim

Alsim has made the first sale of an AL42FSTD in Spain. One Air, approved flight training centre and long-term Alsim customer, located in Malaga,...
FTE Jerez Diamond DA42 flight training

Air Europa Express launches airline cadet programme with FTEJerez

FTEJerez has been appointed by Air Europa Express as the official flight training provider of the airline’s future pilots. With the announcement, Air Europa Express is...
How to become a commercial pilot

How to become a professional pilot

So you want to become an airline pilot… or any kind of commercial pilot, flying for a living. To fly passengers or cargo commercially with...