+VIDEO A coalition of international business aviation organisations joined government officials to redouble their focus on advancing the development and adoption of Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF) at EBACE in May.

This reflects the industry’s long-standing commitment to emissions reduction, including, among other aims, carbon neutrality from 2020 forward.

At the heart of this initiative is a new product: the ‘Business Aviation Guide to the Use of Sustainable Alternative Fuel (SAJF)’ – focused on raising awareness and adoption of available and emerging sustainable alternative jet-fuel options, and providing a roadmap for the education about, and use of, SAJF.

Download the Business Aviation Guide here.

The Guide makes three points clear:

  1. SAJF for business aviation are safe, approved, and available today, though in limited quantities
  2. The fuels offer myriad benefits, including those in support of the sustainability of business aviation, corporate responsibility and reduced emissions
  3. The fuels are produced from multiple feedstocks, which are sustainable, renewable resources, and are therefore an environmental ‘win-win’.

“The business aviation community has a long and successful history of innovation when it comes to promoting the policies, products and procedures that reduce the industry’s carbon footprint,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “With this initiative, we underscore our effort on what has always been an important priority.”

EBAA Chairman Juergen Wiese said, “The European Business Aviation Association is very proud to have contributed to this project, which will aim to increase the availability of sustainable alternative jet fuel,  directly contributing toward our sector goals, and therefore reducing our overall environmental impact.”