Bombardier has announced that its flagship business jet  is being renamed the Global 7500. The Canadian company also unveiled two sister ships, the new Global 5500 and Global 6500.

“Our Global family of aircraft is entering a new era, with the Global 7500 aircraft as its flagship,” said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Business Aircraft.

“The market’s largest and longest range business jet will soon be joined by our newest additions, the Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft, reinforcing the fact that our Global family is, by far, the best large-cabin aircraft family in business aviation.”

The Global 7500 aircraft is on track to enter service during the second half of 2018. All five of its test vehicles are in the flight test program, with more than 2,000 hours of flight testing accomplished.

Bombardier recently revealed that the Global 7500 aircraft now has a max range of 7,700 nautical miles, 300nm further than initial commitments. It is the only business aircraft that can connect New York to Hong Kong, and Singapore to San Francisco, nonstop.

The Global 7500 aircraft has also exceeded takeoff and landing performance commitments, leading to a new published takeoff distance of 5,800 feet at full fuel in standard operating conditions.

The landing performance of the Global 7500 aircraft has also been improved and the aircraft can land in steep approach airfields, such as London City.

Upon entry into service, the Global 7500 aircraft will offer spaciousness that is unique among business jets, with a full-size kitchen and four true living spaces. The Global 7500 aircraft also debuts Bombardier’s patented Nuage seat, which was meticulously designed for maximum comfort and will be exclusive to the new Global family of aircraft.

Global 5500 and 6500

David Coleal Bombardier jets
Bombardier’s David Coleal announced the new Global 5500, 6500 and 7500 at EBACE

Bombardier Business Aircraft new Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft, with max ranges of 5,700 and 6,600 nautical miles, respectively, both have a top speed of Mach 0.90. They are expected to enter into service at the end of 2019.

Coleal said, “This next generation of performance stems from the winning DNA of our Global family of aircraft, now further enhanced through a newly optimized wing, a fully reimagined cabin and new, purpose-built engines.”

They will be equipped with purpose-built Rolls-Royce Pearl engines and a new wing make the Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft cleaner and more efficient – an improvement of 13% in fuel burn is claimed. The Global 5500 can connect Sao Paolo and Paris, and Moscow and Los Angeles; the Global 6500 can connect Hong Kong or Singapore and London, and Toluca and Madrid.

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