AVIAÂ, the expanding international group purchasing organisation, has signed with a new safety supplier, Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) specialist, Patriots Jet Team UPRT.

The Californian Patriots Jet Team is unique in the UPRT sector, as it is the only provider to offer real-world upset training throughout the full aerobatic envelope in the mid-size Sabreliner 60 Corporate Jet.  The Sabreliner most closely resembles a business aviation operator’s typical daily flights.

AVIAÂ’s partnership with Patriots Upset Prevention and Recovery programme will deliver guaranteed training slots and discounts on training courses.

“We are very excited to be expanding our training offerings with the Patriots Jet Team UPRT,” said said AVIAÂ CEO Gillian Hayes.

“Creating a culture of safety is a priority for us and our community as well as our other training suppliers. Patriots Jet Team UPRT’s commitment to safety and in-air training experience is unmatched.”

Randy Howell, owner of Patriots Jet Team UPRT, said, “There is widespread recognition, endorsed by ICAO, EASA, FAA and national aviation bodies, of the seriousness of risks associated with flight upsets resulting from loss of control in flight.

“We applaud AVIAÂ for embracing our skillset. This new partnership means that their members can conveniently access UPRT expertise beyond satisfying regulatory safety requirements. Our unique training worldwide, ensures pilots are optimally prepared to avoid, recognise and recover from what is now universally regarded as the single largest cause of commercial aircraft fatalities.”

The Patriots Jet Team UPRT client programme runs for two days, commencing with four hours of ground school, followed by two one-hour flights in the L-39 jet trainer with 5.5 hours of pre and post flight briefings, progressing through to full aerobatic manoeuvres for one hour in the Sabreliner, with 3.5 hours of pre and post flight briefings.

Headed by founding owner, former United Airlines’ B747 Captain Randy Howell, the Patriots Jet Team Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Programme has earned a strong reputation providing commercial pilots with the skills to quickly recover from upset events throughout the full aerobatic spectrum.

One client of AVIAÂ members is already enjoying the training experience with Patriots Jet Team UPRT.

Joe Bialkowsky. Director of Aviation for The Wolff Company said, “My recent training with Patriots UPRT was one of the most eye-opening and rewarding training events of my career. I think that every pilot should go through a realistic representation of unusual attitude training.”