AVIAA brings group purchasing to business aviation

New technology company AVIAA is pioneering predictive analytics to bring the benefits of group purchasing to business aviation.

The year-old company is the brainchild of Hangar8 founder Dustin Dryden and expert Jim Hall. They set out to streamline the procurement process for owners and operators using the ‘collective’ buying power of its members to secure the best rates for key operational items. These include fuel, insurance, training, MRO and FBO services, aircraft and engine parts, avionics upgrades and more.

As well as helping private jet owners and operators better compete with companies who already benefit from economies of scale, group purchasing also rewards cooperative suppliers.

AVIAA collects historic and forecast spend data from its members and shares it with their preferred suppliers. They can provide enhanced forecasting, minimum spend levels and better insights into the way AVIAA members operate. AVIAA can send targeted messages to its members which meet suppliers’ criteria in a bid to help them secure them new business, saving suppliers unnecessary spending on sales and marketing.

With brand new UK headquarters at London Oxford Airport and two US offices in Irvine, California and Park City, Utah, AVIAA’s member base is growing. AVIAA will be making its debut at EBACE 2018 in Geneva, 28-31 May.