Blackhawk has received European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approval for the King Air 350 XP67A Engine+ upgrade.

Keys to the upgrade include two factory-new Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67A engines and new 5-blade composite propeller assemblies and spinners from MT-Propellers, which meet the stringent EASA noise level requirements. Training, support, and a five year/2,500 hour enhanced new-engine warranty are also included.

“We are pleased to bring the world’s fastest King Air to Europe as a practical replacement to many jets,” said Jim Allmon, President and CEO at Blackhawk.

“Operating the XP67A-powered King Air 350 in Europe will result in comparable block times as many jets, but at a much lower operating cost. Coupling the German-engineered MT 5-blade composite propellers with the PT6A-67A engines ensured that we met the stringent EASA noise requirements without sacrificing performance.”

Blackhawk's XP67A engine upgrade for King Air 350.
Blackhawk’s XP67A engine upgrade for King Air 350.

“We foresee that this new programme will maximise value and expand the King Air 350 market to a much larger customer base throughout Europe.

“There is nothing in the world that compares to a Blackhawk-powered King Air 350 in terms of speed, safety, and utility at such a low operating cost. Blackhawk is currently taking reservations for 2018 delivery positions.”

Blackhawk Caravan engine upgrade includes MT prop and hush kit

Blackhawk Caravan engine upgrade
Don Moore of Blackhawk Modifications and Jean-Pierre van der Burgt of Mastenbroek Aeroskill inspect the XP140 Engine+.

Blackhawk Modifications has expanded EASA approval of the Cessna Caravan XP140 Engine+ Upgrade to include the MT 5-Blade composite propeller and the Aero Acoustics Kit.

European Caravan operators can now take advantage of the performance enhancements offered by these three packages, while meeting European noise requirements.

The Blackhawk XP140 Engine+ Upgrade provides a 37% increase in climb rate, a 22% decrease in take-off distance, and decreased starting temperatures by 100ºC.

The XP140 was also recently granted a Time Between Overhaul (TBO) extension of 400 hours, bringing the base TBO to 4000 hours, which reduces operating and maintenance costs for owners.

The MT 5-blade composite propeller and Aero Acoustics Kit reduce noise and Foreign Object Damage (FOD), and increase gross weight capabilities. The first Caravan upgraded with this performance package belongs to Skydive ENPC, the first parachutist club in The Netherlands. The installation, performed by Mastenbroek Aeroskill, took 10 days with the assistance of Don Moore from Blackhawk.

“The PT6A-114A was nearing its extended overhaul limit including a large amount of component replacements,” said Frank van Ierssel, Skydive ENPC’s Chief Pilot.

“Together with Mastenbroek Aeroskill, we found that the Blackhawk XP140 upgrade kit was a very suitable replacement that would allow us to get our skydivers to the needed altitude even faster.

Mastenbroek Aeroskill really did an excellent job, and the whole conversion was completed in only 10 days, superb!”

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