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Flight training for a PPL

V1 expands flight training in USA and Spain

V1 Aero Group has acquired an FBO and flight school in Florida, USA and is planning expansion of its already owned flight school in...
Zulu Flight Trainingvideo

Zulu flight training launches in Europe

The bold plan by engine manufacturers Continental Motors to revolutionise private pilot flight training has taken a big step forwards with the opening of...
Diamond Aircraft DA40 NG

First Diamond DA40 NG delivered to Algeria

Diamond Aircraft has delivered a brand new DA40 NG to a recently established flight training school in Algeria called Aviation Training School (ATS). ATS is...
Helicentre Cabri G2

More Cabri G2s to join Helicentre

Helicentre Aviation Academy is set to become the world's largest operator of Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopters. The UK flight training company has ordered three...
Instrument Ratings

Europe launches changes to Instrument Ratings

TWO important changes to Instrument Ratings have been introduced for Europe. The European Parliament recently passed laws to introduce the Competence-Based Instrument Rating (CB...
Multiflight PA28

Multiflight launches new flying experiences

UK flight training centre Multiflight has launched a range of new flying experiences in both aeroplanes and helicopters. The new experiences based at Leeds Bradford...
British Airways pilot

UK’S GAPAN offers support for pilot development

THE UK's Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators (GAPAN) bursaries for 2014 will offer support for continued professional development of existing pilots, as...
Multiflight PA-28

Diesel PA-28s at Multiflight cut hire costs

Flying is never cheap and hire rates for aircraft at flight schools are wallet-bashing. But one school in the north of England is trying...
Learn to fly

Learn to fly an aeroplane

Has the flying bug bitten you? Perhaps you come from a family of flyers, or you've had a short flight in a light aircraft...
IMC Rating

Sudden outbreak of commonsense saves UK IMC Rating

PSST! I don't want to sound over optimistic but it seems there's a new way of working within Europe's bureaucracy. THere's an outbreak of...